Algorithms = math = huh?

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As an arts student, numbers aren't my strength. Science in general can mystify me. Once, many years ago, I listened to the Stephen Hawking book

Interviews & earwax

People relate to emotion. In times of great emotion, physical attributes of whatever caused it are usually imprinted in your memory—music, smells, the location and

Leaving Currency Marketing

Listening to the radio quite a few years ago, I heard someone quote David Lee Roth about leaving Van Halen. Reportedly, DLR said "I never

What Hemingway taught me

I've never read Hemingway. In college I aimlessly took courses on history and English poets. Recently a conversation about a trade show in Florida brought


I received an email from Warren Macdonald, an inspirational speaker I heard a few years ago. I just emailed him, because I found this in

New projects

I'm excited to be working on revamping some e-books for my good friend, Derek. He runs what I like to call his "empire"—five or so

World of Potter

First amusement park tip when you're mentally a teenager living in a 40-something body, is do the things you know won't make you sick first.

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