What does email marketing automation cost

What is a MarketMap™ Engine?

A MarketMap™ Engine is the digital marketing system we will build for your business.

We work with you to create a blueprint from your business goals, then we’ll build an automated process that links your social media channels, your email list and your website’s landing pages to a communication system that nurtures followers into customers.

Step 1—MarketMap™ Implementation Schedule

$1,995 in three equal monthly installments

or save $500 and pay

$5,485 one time, up front

(MarketMap implementation is a one-time fee)

Step 2—Choose Your Database Capacity (partnered with Infusionsoft)

Most small business communication needs fall within one of these three ranges.

Step 3—Choose Any Needed Add-Ons

Extra services you may need now, or in the future.

What will be your next step?