Extended D.I.S.C. Behavioral Analysis Package

Exploration + Discussion = Insight

Do people just seem to “get” you? Do you find there are times when you instantly connect with a person?

Likewise, are there times when you feel you and a colleague, associate or client aren’t on the same page? When dealing with certain people just seems to wear you out?

That’s because people have a set of core behaviors that sometimes match yours, and sometimes are the exact opposite of yours.

It’s tempting to think that because you are successful

…you don’t need to change. But the truth is, improving your awareness of your core behaviors will bring a deeper satisfaction to your success. Change is never easy, but gaining insight into the weak areas of our communication skills can prevent them from interfering with greater success.

Take the opportunity to gain more insight into your core behaviors, and learn to spot the behavior patterns in others. Learning these skills will propel you forward in every area—both personal and professional engagement and interaction.

Choose one of the analysis packages below to get started! If you’d like to involve your team, please email me for special team pricing.

D.I.S.C. Report Only

  • 30+ page report

D.I.S.C. Full Debrief

  • 30+ page report PLUS 90 minute full debrief