As a successful, self-employed professional

Who can you talk to when you feel “stuck”?

• Do you feel you have to work harder or longer to be more successful?
• Do you wish you knew your marketing and sales tactics worked?
• Do you want to automate your processes and communication?

Below are some resources that will help you answer these questions.

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Many industries, many businesses

I’ve been collaborating with small business owners since 2003, working on everything from sales and marketing questions to behavioral assessments.

How to post an Infographic to Facebook

The best thing to do is post your infographic within your blog article. Because of the long, narrow format of an infographic, it needs a long, narrow space to do it justice. Click to

Are you blogging? Should you be?

I've highlighted part of this infographic (click on the image to read the whole piece) to look at some very interesting stats for businesses who practice Internet marketing. Generating Leads This graphic says "67% of

Actual Facebook ROI—Restaurant

Sometimes you can see the actual ROI of using Facebook...right there on your Facebook Page in one of your reader's comment. And when you see that, make sure to comment back and "like" the comment